Why Membership Matters

Membership encourages confidence. Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company is a committed member of the Conditioned Air Association of Georgia, Inc. (CAAG). When choosing an HVAC service, there are multiple reasons choosing an appropriately licensed, certified, and credentialed service is wise.

We are

  • fully licensed in the state of Georgia—all our work will meet guidelines laid out by the state.
  • an active member in the professional association, CAAG—Ferguson is actively committed to professionalism and continued improvement within the HVAC industry for customers and contractors.
  • only partnering with the highest-quality national manufacturers to ensure your HVAC equipment will be superior and reliable in all ways. If your system is faulty, our chosen manufacturers stand behind their products.
  • a company built to last—with over 70 years in business, Ferguson has a proven track record and a bright future ahead.
  • reliable in acquiring all permits mandated by the federal, state, and local governments.
  • a stable business meeting all legal business requirements.
  • caring towards the environment—Ferguson holds CFC Certification for handling Freon by the EPA.
  • passionate about constant growth and education—beyond meeting the state’s required hours, Ferguson prioritizes attending seminars, researching the latest equipment and products, and encouraging continual improvement of all employees.
  • properly insured—Ferguson has liability insurance and workers compensation to ensure the safety of your property, our employees, and the company as a whole.
  • support accountability—Ferguson understands the importance of having an outside party ensuring the highest standards are maintained throughout the industry.

Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning is dedicated to service you can trust. We are professionals, prepared with the latest techniques and outfitted with superior products, to guarantee an excellent service experience every time.

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