How Cleaner Air Can Benefit You & Your Home:

The month of October brings pumpkins, fall leaves, hopefully cooler temperatures, and healthy lung awareness month. It is easy to take the importance of clean air for granted until you are suffering from a respiratory problem. Prioritizing your air quality and cleanliness is important for you and your family, regardless of if you have a respiratory issue. Being pro-active with your home’s air quality could help keep your family well through this fall season. At Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company, we are proud to offer the best quality, high efficiency air cleaners. These air cleaners help purify the outdoor air flowing into your home and the existing air within your home. According to the EPA, indoor air quality can be 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors. We can help you find the best air cleaner to accommodate your needs and improve your air quality. An air cleaner works in partnership with your air conditioning system to provide the best circulation of clean air, free from harmful pollutants. If you are unsure how an air cleaner helps keep your family healthy, consider these important benefits:

  • Cleaner Air Can Help Promote Good Health—Approximately 50% of diseases and medical conditions are caused or negatively impacted by poor indoor air quality. Whether your lungs are healthy, or you are suffering from a condition, cleaner air will be beneficial. Cleaner air is especially important for your lungs and heart. An air cleaner can help filter out the harmful pollutants which could worsen your health.
  • Cleaner Air Can Help Allergy and Asthma Sufferers—A Merv 16 high efficiency air cleaner can filter out 99.97% of .3-micron sized particles or larger from your indoor air. By removing allergens through ideal filtration, your family members with respiratory issues will breathe much more easily. You may not be able to control the allergens your family will face outside the home, but you can keep your home as a safe haven of clean air.
  • Cleaner Air Creates Greater Comfort—Beyond the medical issues which may be aggravated by poor air quality, your home can become smelly and unpleasant if your air is not filtered properly. Cooking grease odors can be a very unwelcoming greeting for your family and friends. Additionally, cleaner air is linked to better rest and lower risk of depression. Your family will be more comfortable when they are breathing clean air.


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