Saying See You Later to Summer!

Despite still having temperatures consistently over 90 right now, the pumpkins, colorful leaves, and cool temperatures of fall will be here in no time. The changing seasons can be hard on your HVAC system so following these tips can help optimize your system for the weather to come.

  • Change Your Filter—Generally, changing your filter every three months if not sooner is ideal. The end of summer is an important time to change because the summer brings the dirtiest filters. Your filter gets dirtier because of the non-stop use of your HVAC system which allows air particles to get trapped. Thank your HVAC system for being a lifesaver this summer and change its filter!
  • Use Your Fans—Give your HVAC system a much-needed break from being overworked. When you run your ceiling fans, you can usually bump up your thermostat by 4 degrees without even noticing.
  • Close the Blinds—If you have blinds or shades, close them during the heat of the day. This simple step will prevent the sun’s heat from raising the temperature of your house. Additionally, this will conserve energy while you are away for the day.
  • Clear your Outdoor Unit—Debris can build up in or around your unit which will limit its airflow. Whether from the summer storms or mowing the lawn, the debris can get in without your knowledge. Go check on your unit before it becomes a serious problem.
  • Call your friends at Ferguson—Being pro-active with your furnace maintenance can save you hassle and expense down the line. Schedule your preventative maintenance so you will be prepared for the cool weather on the way.

If you want to get ready for fall, call today to schedule a visit from one of our professional technicians. The team at Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company are standing by to help!

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