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Having clean indoor air quality promotes the health of you and your family. The air you breathe makes a significant difference. Pollutants swirling in the air can cause allergies or even worse health issues. At Ferguson Heating & Air Conditioning, Co., Inc., we can provide you with a plan to optimize the indoor air quality & comfort of your home in East Point or the surrounding area. Our technicians are ready to discuss the needs of your family.

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  • Indoor Air Quality & Comfort

    Indoor Air Quality & Comfort

    We offer a variety of products to optimize the indoor air quality for your family.

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  • What Type of Protection is Provided by Air Filters and Cleaners?

    What Type of Protection is Provided by Air Filters and Cleaners?

    Air filters and cleaners are designed to remove air pollutants such as dust, pollen, and fumes. The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology estimates that around half of illnesses are either aggravated by or caused by poor indoor air quality. Air filters remove micron particles that can cause serious health issues. We can recommend the air filtration system that works best for your home based on your needs and budget.

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  • How Can Air Purifiers Improve My Home’s Air Quality?

    How Can Air Purifiers Improve My Home’s Air Quality?

    In addition to the protection against micron particles from an air filter, you also need protection against bio-aerosols and odors/chemical vapors. Fungi, mold, bacteria, and viruses can grow from bio-aerosols in humid climates inside your home. Cooking smells, cleaning supplies, perfumes, paints, chlorine, pet odors, and more add pollutants to your indoor environment. The Ferguson preferred Air Purifier, patented by Carrier, can protect you and your loved ones from the damaging effects of contaminants, reduce humidity, and enhance indoor air quality & comfort.

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  • Do Dehumidifiers Improve Air Quality?

    Do Dehumidifiers Improve Air Quality?

    Whole house humidifiers are much more effective at removing moisture from your home environment than plug-in humidifiers. It is important to use an air dehumidifier to reduce the possibility of mold and mildew growth, avoid aggravating allergies, protect your valuables from moisture damage, and optimize indoor comfort.

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  • What Other Products May Benefit the Health of My Family?

    What Other Products May Benefit the Health of My Family?

    At Ferguson, we offer additional products to promote the health of your family.

    • Fresh air ventilation systems –This product is beneficial for homes that need to improve their balance in air circulation.
    • Humidifiers – Humidifiers are beneficial if the air quality in your home is too dry and cold.
    • Germicidal lamps – Keep germs at bay by fighting the pollutants that result from mold or mildew.
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  • How Can I Enhance the Comfort of My Home for My Family?

    How Can I Enhance the Comfort of My Home for My Family?

    You can control the comfort of your home with a programmable thermostat or electronic zone systems. With a programmable thermostat, you can set the house to cool to the perfect temperature when you or your family are going to be at home – for instance, you can set the AC to turn on at a specific time shortly before everyone gets home from work and school in the late afternoon/early evening. The rest of the day you can allow the temperature to remain higher and save money on unnecessary AC expenses.

    Electronic zone systems are ideal for individuals in families who desire different temperatures during the day and night. For instance, one family member may want his or her room much cooler than others in the family. Often these systems can provide four separate temperature zones within a home, enabling each family member to enjoy his or her own customized level of comfort.

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  • How Can I Prioritize My Family’s Safety?

    How Can I Prioritize My Family’s Safety?

    We offer two separate smoke/carbon monoxide detectors to help you prioritize the safety of your family. These detectors are priced affordably and detect both smoke and carbon monoxide. We offer traditional, wall-mounted detectors and duct-mounted detectors. The duct-mounted detectors operate in conjunction with your HVAC system to safeguard your life and property when smoke is detected by turning off the fan, which minimizes further spread of the smoke.


  • Jed & Jan


    We had the pleasure of talking to Susan to set up an appointment after much disappointment with other heating and air companies. She put us in great hands with Abraham their tech. He is simply amazing….It’s so refreshing to find somebody who actually knows what they’re doing. Prior to them we had “too many heating and air company’s put their hands on our system”without a clear solution to our problem. Abraham knew the answer and followed through! Assisting Abraham was Nolan and together they corrected our problem and made it right! Awesome job Ferguson! We’re recommending you to all our friends!

  • Gene & Carol


    We chose Ferguson because of their 75 year history and reputation. They clearly explained the equipment warranty and made sure we understood the importance of planned maintenance with the Eagle Vision Maintenance agreement. Overall, it was a great experience. The installer did a great job and was courteous, friendly, fun to talk to, and most importantly did a great job installing. Thanks for all the great service!

  • Jeanne


    Mr. Ferguson,

    Your company’s team, led by Abraham Anwar, did an excellent job installing our new furnace and air conditioning system. The rooftop installation of the condenser is so much better than the prior installation. Over the past few weeks of use, we’ve had no problems with noise nor with our dishes in the kitchen vibrating. Additionally, another member of your team is coming out to replace the older gas pipes with newer, more tightly curved pipes, to ensure good flow of natural gas. We look forward to the similarly positive experience when we turn on the new furnace this fall!

    Thank you,

  • Lyle Volkmer


    Mr. Ferguson,
    I now have heat and the furnace is working fine. I just want to say that you have some of the nicest people working for you that I have ever met!  You can be very proud of them.  Thank you for everything.

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