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At Ferguson Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc., we offer quality and predictable commercial HVAC maintenance services for your business in and around East Point. You can entrust the care of your HVAC units to us, so you can concentrate on the profitability and success of your business.

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  • Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services

    Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services

    With routine maintenance, we can help ensure your HVAC system operates consistently without interruption. A faulty HVAC system can make the function of your business much more difficult for employees and for you. We help ensure the predictability of your HVAC system in East Point or the surrounding region.

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  • Prevent Major Repairs With Routine Maintenance

    Prevent Major Repairs With Routine Maintenance

    Regular HVAC maintenance helps prevent expensive repairs down the line. Some of the money-saving maintenance services include diagnostics, regular cleanings, and routine filter changes. These and other commercial HVAC maintenance services performed on a regularly scheduled basis can enhance the service life of your system and save your company money long-term.

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  • Extend the Service Life of Your HVAC System through Homeowner Education

    Extend the Service Life of Your HVAC System through Homeowner Education

    We help educate our customers about the inner workings of their HVAC systems and how system malfunctions occur. Equipped with this information, you can better care for your system, detect problems, extend the life of your system, and know when to call us for repair service, if necessary.

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  • Expert and Reliable HVAC Technicians Provide Peace of Mind

    Expert and Reliable HVAC Technicians Provide Peace of Mind

    Our technicians are highly trained to provide reliable, timely, and exceptional quality services for customers. We perform all maintenance work without interfering with your company’s productivity. We also hold our team members to the highest standard of knowledge and conduct to ensure your satisfaction.

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  • Jed & Jan


    We had the pleasure of talking to Susan to set up an appointment after much disappointment with other heating and air companies. She put us in great hands with Abraham their tech. He is simply amazing….It’s so refreshing to find somebody who actually knows what they’re doing. Prior to them we had “too many heating and air company’s put their hands on our system”without a clear solution to our problem. Abraham knew the answer and followed through! Assisting Abraham was Nolan and together they corrected our problem and made it right! Awesome job Ferguson! We’re recommending you to all our friends!

  • Gene & Carol


    We chose Ferguson because of their 75 year history and reputation. They clearly explained the equipment warranty and made sure we understood the importance of planned maintenance with the Eagle Vision Maintenance agreement. Overall, it was a great experience. The installer did a great job and was courteous, friendly, fun to talk to, and most importantly did a great job installing. Thanks for all the great service!

  • Jeanne


    Mr. Ferguson,

    Your company’s team, led by Abraham Anwar, did an excellent job installing our new furnace and air conditioning system. The rooftop installation of the condenser is so much better than the prior installation. Over the past few weeks of use, we’ve had no problems with noise nor with our dishes in the kitchen vibrating. Additionally, another member of your team is coming out to replace the older gas pipes with newer, more tightly curved pipes, to ensure good flow of natural gas. We look forward to the similarly positive experience when we turn on the new furnace this fall!

    Thank you,

  • Lyle Volkmer


    Mr. Ferguson,
    I now have heat and the furnace is working fine. I just want to say that you have some of the nicest people working for you that I have ever met!  You can be very proud of them.  Thank you for everything.

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