The Power of Programmable Thermostats
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The Power of Programmable Thermostats

July 27th, 2021

Thermostats have improved significantly over the years. With traditional manual thermostats, you set your desired temperature and the HVAC system will keep maintaining that temperature unless you change it yourself. Using a manual thermostat can waste energy and rack up extra cooling or heating costs when you are not home if you forget to adjust your thermostat before leaving. Also, when you return, you must endure your home being uncomfortable while you get it back to the temperature you prefer. Programmable thermostats maximize your comfort and minimize your costs at the same time. You could save up to 20% on your annual cooling and heating costs when you go programmable. Because of the savings and increased comfort, programmable thermostats are gradually causing manual thermostats to be phased out. At Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company, we are proud to offer a variety of programmable thermostats to help you find the ideal comfort for your home. Programmable thermostats can have many different convenient features, so it can be hard to determine which one you would prefer. We can help you evaluate your options, so you can find the thermostat which will make your home’s climate better and your life simpler.

How Do Programmable Thermostats Work?

Each model will have different options, but the basic capabilities include being able to customize and schedule your daily temperatures. You can choose to set up each day individually, create home, work, and vacation settings, or weekend and weekday mode. Having advanced customization is beneficial for your comfort and your wallet. For example, if you leave for work at 7 a.m., you can schedule your HVAC system to shut down or stay at a higher baseline throughout your eight hour workday. You can arrange for the system to cool back down prior to you coming home, so your home is back at your ideal temperature the moment you get home. Many homeowners will adjust their thermostat before leaving for work to save money, but they are forced to be uncomfortable when they get home until the unit can reach their desired temperature again. Also, a manual thermostat relies on the homeowner to remember to adjust the temperature. Your mornings are busy enough, so save yourself the hassle and let the thermostat do the work. Your annual savings could easily offset the cost of a new programmable thermostat. Call Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company to answer more questions regarding programmable thermostats. 

What is a Smart Programmable Thermostat?

Smart thermostats are the next level of innovation and automation for your HVAC system. Using your smart device, you can monitor and adjust your thermostat if you have a Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat. These thermostats deserve to be called smart because they are actually capable of learning your patterns. If you have your thermostat set up on your general schedule, but you tend to lower your thermostat before bed manually, the smart thermostat will start doing that for you. Smart thermostats often have corresponding apps for your smart devices that will allow you to make changes as well as monitor your energy usage. The smart thermostat will even make recommendations for how to operate more efficiently. You can achieve the same 20% annual savings  and maybe even more since you have advanced monitoring capabilities. If you already have a programmable thermostat, you may want to consider a smart upgrade when it is time to replace it. If you are still stuck with a manual thermostat, we recommend choosing a programmable one, whether it has smart features or not. Programmable thermostats all will have the ability to set up more precise cooling and heating to avoid waste and save money.


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