How to Save Money on Your Heating Bills

In the midst of a cold winter day, staying under a blanket may not be possible. Running the heat 24/7 can be costly over time. The team at Ferguson Heating and Air would love to share some helpful tips to lower your bill without sacrificing your comfort.

— Adjust your thermostat based on your lifestyle.

If you are leaving for work and you have gas heat in your house, adjust your thermostat by 5-10 degrees. Because your system does not have to cut on and use energy while you are away for 8 hours, you will save tremendously on your heating bill. If you are home during the day and need to maintain your usual home temperature, lowering your thermostat by 5-10 degrees at night could be an option. When under a warm comforter, the 5-10 degrees will be negligible. Customers have reported saving 10% on their annual heating bills as a result of using this method. Ferguson proudly offers programmable heating systems, which allow you to schedule your temperature on your thermostat throughout the day automatically. With these systems, you can save money without the hassle of remembering to adjust your thermostat.

— Schedule regular maintenance for your heating system.

The most common reason for increased heating bills is an inefficient or faulty heating system. If your system is not running properly, not only could your comfort be compromised, but it could be eating away at your finances. Contact Ferguson today and we will send one of our skilled professionals to ensure your system is running at peak capacity. Your comfort and your budget are our top concern.

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