Purifying During a Pandemic

Clean air should start at home. Amid the pandemic, most people are looking for opportunities to minimize exposure and lower their risk of catching COVID-19. Although stay at home orders have been lifted for most places, citizens are still being encouraged to stay home as much as possible. Your home air quality should be even more important. The average American spends roughly 90% of their time indoors so air cleanliness truly matters. At Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company, we always provide the latest in air filtration, so we are proud to be offering a new air purification system for safeguarding against Coronavirus.

The Fast Facts about our new Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) Air Purification System:

  • Kills Coronavirus—The ionizing technology of GPS can kill 99.4% of COVID-19 surface strains in only 30 minutes.
  • Targets Pathogens and Odors—If killing off COVID-19 was not already enough, this system is also capable of eliminating harmful pathogens and unpleasant odors from your air.
  • Limited stock—This system is in high demand so unfortunately, we do not have an abundance of these air purification systems. If you are interested in GPS, reach out to our staff right away!
  • Qualifies for an Eagle Vision Maintenance Plan Discount—We are offering 10% off GPS for our loyal EVP members. Now more than ever, our team wants to help you safeguard your health.

Even when there is not a global pandemic, having clean air is vitally important for your family’s health. According to the EPA, indoor air pollution can be up to 5 times greater than the outdoor air. You should not have to worry about your family’s health in the safety of your home. Our air purification and cleaning systems can help you eliminate contaminants, control humidity, and breathe better. If you are interested in GPS or air purification systems in general, contact Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company to learn more about your options for protecting your family’s health through this pandemic and beyond.

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