Preparing Your Home For Next Season

With a cool breeze in the air and the leaves starting to turn, fall is officially here. Fall is generally mild weather-wise, but the winter cold will be here in no time. Since cold weather generally comes in a quick snap, you do not want to be caught unprepared. Being proactive can keep your family from getting uncomfortable when the cold comes. The Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company family wants to help you stay comfy cozy all winter long. Consider the following steps for preparing your home before the chilly weather hits:

  •       Seal up Your Windows and Doors—Keeping your family comfortable all winter long can lead to expensive heating bills. You do not want your heat slipping outside and allowing your home to become drafty. Check to make sure that your windows are properly sealed and caulked and the weather-stripping on your doors is intact. These tasks can usually be accomplished DIY style with a simple trip to your home improvement store.
  •       Examine the Exterior of Your Home—While the weather is still pleasant, look for cracks or gaps that need to be caulked, exposed wood that needs to be repainted, and damage to your roof, siding, or foundation. Some of these tasks may be something you can complete yourself. If you prefer not to make the repairs yourself, hire a reputable contractor to get your home’s exterior sealed and ready to weather the winter storms ahead.
  •       Check on Your Smoke and CO2 Detectors—During the cooler months, most families spend more time indoors huddled around a fire or staying warm with their furnace. Smoke and CO2 detectors will ensure that your family is not endangered by a fire or through compromised air. Test them now to make sure they are functioning properly.
  •       Clean Out Your Dryer Vent—A dryer builds up lint through normal operation. If the dryer vent is not thoroughly cleaned twice a year, your home could be at-risk of a fire. You can clean it yourself or there are professional vent cleaners who can handle the job.
  •       Schedule Your Furnace Inspection—Each year, you should have a furnace inspection and maintenance visit from a professional. We make sure that your furnace is in good working order so your family will not discover a problem when you really need heat. Many small furnace issues can be addressed before they grow into expensive and inconvenient repairs.

If you are ready for your annual furnace visit, give Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company a call. We are standing by to ensure that your system will keep you comfortable through all the colder months.

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