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Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

September 13th, 2021

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the interest in improving indoor air quality has grown significantly. For over 75 years, we have been committed to our customers’ comfort and health. We offer a variety of air purification options to help our customers breathe without worry.

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

The average American spends 93% of their time indoors. The EPA has confirmed that indoor air quality can be up to 5 times more polluted than typical outdoor air quality. Because our indoor lifestyle is unlikely to change significantly, we should all be taking measures to improve the air we breathe indoors. 

What Needs to Happen

Changing your air filters will help improve your air quality. When your filter gets clogged up, your HVAC system can become overworked, and your air will not be as clean. A basic filter on your HVAC system is not enough to improve your overall air quality dramatically. We offer a variety of options for air purification to eliminate the pollutants and microbes floating in your air. Our air purification products, UV lamps, and GPS units are hospital-grade filtration solutions available for homes and businesses. Beyond air purification, you also need to have the right balance of humidity for healthy air. We recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our air professionals to determine the best measures to improve your air quality. We can evaluate the pollution in your air, ventilation, and dust levels.

Why Humidity Matters in the Winter

After just surviving a humid Georgia summer, needing humidity may be hard to imagine. During the winter months, if your home is not humid enough, you and your house will suffer. You could experience dry lips, hands, and noses. In addition to feeling like you constantly need lip balm and lotion, the dryness can cause breathing issues. This is especially true for people who suffer from respiratory issues already. Any wood in your home, including furniture, could be impacted by too little humidity and crack. The ideal home humidity is between 40-50% for the health of your family. We have powerful humidifiers that can improve your air quality throughout your home. With the proper humidity, your family will have a healthier winter season.

Filtration Product Spotlights

We have many viable options for air filtration and humidification, but we wanted to highlight a few of our popular and powerful choices.

Infinity Air Purifier

  •       Traps and kills 95% of particles
  •       Works with your HVAC system
  •       Eliminates 99% of germs

Performance UV Germicidal Light 

  •       Kills bacteria and mold that collects around your HVAC system’s indoor coil.
  •       Keeps your HVAC system operating efficiently
  •       Maintains your clean air

GPS Unit

  •       Cleans air with state of the art ion technology
  •       Eliminates odors
  •       Reduces pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses—including Coronavirus
  •       Targets particles, such as dust, mold, dander, smoke, and pollen, effectively
  •       Improve energy efficiency

Do not suffer with poor indoor air quality this winter! Your family’s health will be better year-round when you invest in the air you breathe. Give Ferguson a call and improve your air today!

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