How to Prepare for the Summer Heat

With the temperature regularly reaching 90 degrees during the day, Georgia summers are intense for you and your HVAC system. Before summer arrives, prepare your HVAC system to handle the workload and keep your family comfortable.

  1. Check your filters—Making sure you have clean filters is important year-round. During the summer, if your filters are dirty, dusty, or clogged, the cool air will be limited. Cleaning or replacing your filters regularly ensure that the cold air can get to you when you need it the most and will curtail the potential for costly failures.
  2. Remove debris from outside unit—When the outside unit is covered in branches, leaves, shrubs, or weeds, the build-up can compromise your unit, leading to a malfunction. Keep your unit clear 18-24 inches on all sides to make sure your system can function ideally. Trim back your plants and pull your weeds to guarantee your outside unit is clear to work all summer long.
  3. Have a programmable thermostat installed—Cooling costs during the summer can escalate quickly. Before your family endures uncomfortable temperatures to try and lower your bill, consider having a programmable thermostat. This option can help you maintain a comfortable temperature every time you are home without overusing your system when you are away.
  4. Utilize ceiling fans to prevent HVAC from becoming overworked—Your HVAC works hard during the summer to keep you cool. If you have ceiling fans in your home, they can be an ideal support for your HVAC system. When your ceiling fans are running, the cold air will be better circulated for your comfort.
  5. Schedule maintenance visit—Your HVAC is a complex system with many parts necessary to function. If one part of your system is faltering, you could be without air conditioning in the heat of summer. By scheduling a maintenance visit prior to summer, you can have your system checked to prevent inconvenient air conditioning problems later.

Happy Summer! Contact us today to schedule your HVAC’s maintenance visit!


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