How Humidity Impacts Your Wellness

‘Tis the season for holiday memories, gift giving, and unfortunately, sharing germs. During the cold and flu season, picking up germs can be so easy. Anything you can do to encourage health and wellness is always beneficial. Being pro-active with your health can start right in the comfort of your home. Many homeowners do not realize the impact that relative humidity may be having upon their health and their home. At Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company, we want to help your family enjoy your holiday season, free from sickness and discomfort. Consider this important information about relative humidity and see how controlling your humidity could make a significant difference.

Humidity is Important Year-Round—We tend to think of the summer months when we think of humidity, but relative humidity must be monitored and controlled year-round to ensure the well-being of your family and your house. The optimal relative humidity level should be between 30%-60% depending on the time of year.

Humidity Impacts the Condition of Your Home—Humidity and temperature changes within your home can cause serious damage in your home, especially to wooden features like your floors and cabinetry. Your home can also become open to microbial growth throughout it with the wrong level of moisture in your home.

Humidity Could Be Aggravating Your Health—When your home does not have the right relative humidity, respiratory infections as well as worsened conditions for those suffering from asthma, allergies, and rhinitis are possible. Although some moisture in the air is necessary for healthy breathing as well, too much moisture creates poor conditions for all, especially those suffering from breathing conditions.

Humidity Pairs with Air Temperature—If you are trying to measure your relative humidity, you must also consider the temperature of your air. Warmer air will require more moisture to become saturated than cold air. Basically, the relative humidity is determined by how much water the air can hold.

If you are concerned about monitoring the humidity of your home, reach out to your friends at Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company. We can make a recommendation on a monitoring solution which works for your needs. When excessive humidity goes undetected, big problems can grow. Schedule a visit from Ferguson to evaluate your humidity today. We wish you a happy and perfectly humid holiday!



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