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Homes and Zones

August 9th, 2023

Heating and cooling a large home evenly will sometimes require a creative solution. Instead of just living with some of your family being uncomfortable or wasting energy, you should consider upgrading your system, going ductless, or utilizing zone controls. As a leader in the HVAC industry, Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company stays up to date on the latest systems and methods to ensure that we can help you reach your optimal comfort.

The Deal on Ductless

A ductless HVAC system is usually installed in a single room with the purpose of heating and cooling that room. Although the ductless system is visible, it is smaller and more visually appealing than a window unit, especially since it does not have to block up your window. A ductless system can be “wrapped” to blend in with the decor of the room . Whether you are building a new home or improving your existing one, you can choose to have your entire home on ductless HVAC units.  Since each room is controlled on its own, you can have optimal temperature control. Ductless units are quiet and energy efficient. They also have better overall air quality without any other filtration because they are not subject to duct leaks. The upfront cost of going ductless all over your home will be comparable to a traditional system, but the long-term energy savings can make it advantageous. Ductless units throughout your home will allow you to have zones to better adjust to each family member’s comfort.

Getting into the Zones

Zone control can be a helpful solution to maintain the comfort of each family member. Also, you will be able to avoid wasting cooling energy on unused rooms. For example, if your basement and guest room are not being used regularly, you can avoid wasting money keeping them cool. There are a variety of choices when it comes to zone controlled HVAC systems. You can choose a simple system that allows you to select each room from a single panel or you can have a separate panel in each room. Also, there are some more technologically advanced systems which will allow you to control your zones from your smart devices. A smart system will also allow you to schedule your temperature settings to suit your needs at different times of day as well. For example, you could set your bedroom to not cool during the day while you are at work, but still come on in time to cool off before you sleep that night. Depending on your home’s layout and your family’s needs, you could break up into a new zone for each bedroom or you could choose a zoned system to separately run the upstairs and downstairs temperature of your home. We can help you determine the best zone system to maximize your comfort. If your system is not currently meeting your needs, you could consider multiple HVAC systems. You can have the two systems work together to achieve the zone control you need. Also, zoning your home will not be as efficient if your rooms are not well insulated. You need to ensure that your rooms will be able to retain their warm or cold air. Otherwise, your home could still be drafty and uncomfortable for some family members. When implemented properly, zoning your HVAC system will help you maximize your comfort and minimize your energy usage.

Keeping HVAC Centralized

There are some homeowners who still prefer centralized HVAC systems. Centralized systems have the greatest heating and cooling capacity. They are also simple to operate. You click one button and your whole home will be cooled or heated to that temperature. Centralized systems can be less expensive upfront than ductless systems. In many cases, you will have some rooms that are hotter or colder than others depending on the layout of your home. If you prefer a traditional system but you are struggling to stay comfortable, your system could be ready for an upgrade. An HVAC system is created with a specific load capacity. Whether your needs have changed, or your system has aged, you may have reached the limits of your existing system. Through a consultation, we can help recommend the HVAC system you need.


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