Air Purification and COVID-19

Indoor air quality has been impacting our health all along, but COVID-19 has made us much more aware. Since we spend most of our time indoors, we are subjected regularly to whatever is floating in our air, such as bacteria, contaminants, mold, mildew, odors, viruses, allergens, etc. Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company has been offering air purification systems for years, but we now have a top-of-the-line system which can combat all the pollutants of the past as well as the Coronavirus. This system known as the Global Plasma Solution (GPS) is effective at removing 99.4% of COVID-19 particles. Before you think this system is a passing craze when the virus is cured or a vaccine is available, the GPS is effective at combatting airborne mold spores, unpleasant odors, allergens, viruses like E-coli and tuberculosis, and more. The GPS is truly revolutionary in the midst of this pandemic and beyond. Your family’s health will be improved during this pandemic, the upcoming cold and flu season, and beyond.

Get to Know GPS:

How it Works: Simply put, particles are trapped, odors are neutralized, pathogens are killed, and energy is saved. The technology causes the particles (such as dust, pet dander, etc.) to be attracted to each other and combine to form larger particles, which are easily trapped by the filtration system. The GPS’ cleaning aspect effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors, such as pet odors, chemicals, and cooking smells. On the attack, GPS technology attacks viruses, like COVID-19, bacteria, mold, and other viruses, by stealing their hydrogen, which causes them to die. For commercial buildings, the eco-friendly cleaning process reduces the amount of outdoor air needed, which reduces energy costs for conditioning by 30%.

Where it is Used: The GPS System is effective and safe for use in commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. Whether you are concerned with your office’s air quality or your own home, the GPS is a wise choice for both spaces. Although you still need to concern yourself with cleaning surfaces to minimize virus spread, surface spread of COVID-19 and many other viruses is less problematic than direct person to person infection or via airborne particles.

Improving Your Home’s Air Quality:

In addition to installing a GPS system, your home may also avoid some odors and bacteria through simple cleaning steps:

  •       Disinfect Your Surfaces Regularly—Although finding disinfectant may seem about as likely as finding buried treasure right now, there are some still out there. Pairing surface cleaning with your GPS system can make your home a safer and cleaner haven for your family.
  •       Change Your Sheets Weekly—COVID-19 is not directly impacted by changing your sheets, but you can accumulate bacteria on your sheets from night sweating over time. Being exposed to bacteria regularly could lead to being sick with something else, which could cause your immune system to be overrun if you do have to fight off COVID-19. Having clean sheets not only smell better, but they are also healthier. Sleep at ease that you are taking steps to prioritize your wellbeing.
  •       Cover Your Mattress—Mattress covers and encasements prevent bacteria from building up. You should make sure to wash or clean your cover at least every couple months.
  •       Let in the Fresh Air—Fresh air can help with circulation in your home to prevent odors or contaminants. Outdoor air is less polluted than indoor air because of the circulation outdoors.

If you are ready to prioritize your air quality and health with the GPS, schedule a consultation with Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company. We want to support your efforts to stay well during this pandemic and always.

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