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Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company, a fourth generation family-owned business, has specialized in the design, sale, installation, service and maintenance of heating, air conditioning, and home comfort systems since 1946.

In 1946, George D. Ferguson and his son J. D. established the company, originally named George D. Ferguson & Sons. In the beginning, the company focused on manufacturing sheet metal products which were shipped throughout the Southeast region. As time continued on, they also started selling and installing heating systems. A landmark moment for the company was when they installed their first air conditioning system in 1958. This installation was the beginning of a new era for the company.

70 years later, Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company continues to uphold our original principles of honesty, integrity, excellence in design and installation, and a good value for the customer’s money. Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company has continuously met customers’ needs by implementing quality long lasting systems. Commonly, our installed systems have remained in operation for 30-35 years.

Servicing residential and light commercial markets, we focus on the installation and maintenance of new and replacement HVAC systems, dual fuel systems, zone control, humidifiers, air cleaning, and air purification systems. In the commercial realm, over 50,000 new systems have been installed ranging in size from 1 1/2 to 10 tons. Regardless of a company’s needs, our technicians at Ferguson install systems with the capacity to handle the demands of productive, growing businesses. Additionally, Ferguson takes great pride in offering extensive options for heating, utilizing Natural gas, fuel oil, LP gas, geothermal and electric heat pumps. In both the residential and commercial market, our company embraces the diversity of our clients’ needs by providing variety in our products and services to accommodate all of our customers in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.

Our company is an Independent Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer, but our NATE certified technicians are capable of servicing all equipment regardless of brand. Since customers may have pre-existing systems which need maintenance, Ferguson is dedicated to educating our staff to handle all systems on the market. In addition to having high standards for our technicians’ licensing and education, our company is fully licensed, insured, and credentialed as an active member and participant of the Conditioned Air Association of Georgia, CAAG.

Located at 1298 Central Ave. in East Point, Georgia Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company is convenient to Interstates 75, 85, and 285, which allows us to easily access and serve customers in the Southeastern region. Our company’s warehouse is always fully stocked to insure an ample supply of equipment and materials necessary for any job. When a customer calls, we are prepared to address the problem with all needed materials. Additionally, our warehouse houses a metal shop equipped for custom sheet metal fabrication, which could be helpful for specialized jobs. Every aspect of our company’s home base has been designed with precision to meet our customers’ needs.

Our History

  • Ferguson Heating & Air


    George D. Ferguson earned Professional Engineering license

  • Ferguson Heating & Air


    J.D. Ferguson was liberated from Germany, Stalag 2-B as a POW and discharged from the U.S. Army

  • Heating & Air Conditioning Company


    George D. Ferguson and Son’s opened, manufacturing sheet metal products and installing coal fired gravity flow central furnaces

  • Floor Furnace Installation


    Began installing floor furnaces

  • Heating System Installation Service


    Installed heating systems for churches, schools, and homes

  • Air Conditioning Installation Service


    Installed our first air conditioning system

  • Ferguson Company History


    Ferguson’s primary market became residential new construction as the market began growing

  • Ferguson Company History


    Large apartment complexes became very popular. Installed 10’s of 1,000’s apartment homes

  • First Solar Energy system installation


    Ferguson installed their 1st solar energy system

  • First Heat Pump installation


    Housing industry booms and becomes the market to be in.

    Installed 1st water source heat pump (i.e. Geothermal system)

  • HVAC System installation


    Installed free HVAC systems in (6) Habitat For Humanity homes near Zoo Atlanta

  • Authorised Lennox Dealer


    Became an Authorized Lennox dealer

  • Heating & Air Repair Company


    Housing market was booming while homes were growing in size and complexity

  • Ferguson Heating & Air


    Began diversification from a new construction (wholesale) to a retail sales company with emphasis on customer service

  • Premier Lennox Dealer


    Became a Premier Lennox dealer (top 5%)

  • About Ferguson Heating & Air Company - Serving Metropolitan Atlanta Area


    Business transition successfully completed from wholesale to retail with focus on customers

  • Commercial Service & Maintenance Company


    Added light Commercial service and maintenance as a focused portion of the business

  • Diamond Mitsubishi Dealer


    Became a Diamond Mitsubishi dealer

  • Heating And Air Conditioning Companies


    Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Co., Inc. celebrates 70 years as a family owned business (4 generations)

Because we believe in treating our customers like family, all of our company vehicles are equipped with Nextel two-way radios for instant communications between the office and field technicians. When a customer calls our office with an emergent concern, our technicians will be in route quickly regardless of their present location. Equally important, our company promises 24/7 communication and service availability to our customers. Like family, we will be there in our customer’s time of need. Since emergencies rarely occur at a convenient time, we will be available at all hours and we often provide financing options for projects, Subject to Credit Approval. Ferguson is committed to caring for your family’s needs, regardless of the hour and budget.

For 74 years, Ferguson has built the legacy of family-centered service. When a company or individual chooses Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Co, superior workmanship and exceptional customer care are guaranteed.

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