5 Tips to Prioritize Your Comfort This Fall

As we enter the season of pumpkins, leaves, and cool mornings, there are some opportunities to optimize your HVAC to keep your family comfortable. As temperatures fluctuate throughout the fall, your HVAC system can become overworked trying to accommodate your family if not cared for properly. Keep your family cozy with these simple tips from your friends at Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company:

  1. Get a Dehumidifier—Established by the Environmental Protection Agency, September is mold awareness month. The EPA designed this month to help educate homeowners and improve health of homeowners through preventative measures. Excess moisture in your home allows mold and mildew to form in your home. Indoor mold can aggravate all sorts of health conditions, especially for the elderly, asthmatics, and allergy sufferers. Some people will keep their homes cooler to try and manage the moisture levels, but this can cause major discomfort. Using a dehumidifier, you can keep your moisture levels at the ideal 55% without being cold. Your health and your comfort are equally important so get a dehumidifier. Contact Ferguson to learn more about the options for your home!
  2. Change your Air Filters—Your HVAC system has a big job to keep your family comfortable through vastly changing temperatures. Simply put, your HVAC system cannot function as efficiently if your filter is dirty.
  3. Check the Seal On your Doors and Windows—If heat can escape out of cracks in your home, your heating bills will be costly, and your home will not stay consistently comfortable. A little caulk and weather-stripping can keep your home from feeling drafty and your energy from being wasted.
  4. Make Sure your Outdoor Unit is Clean and Clear—If your outdoor unit is hindered by debris, leaves, branches, or anything else, your airflow could be significantly restricted. Also, check for any damage which may have occurred. If your unit appears damaged in any way, call us immediately to handle it.
  5. Schedule your HVAC’s Checkup—Being proactive with your HVAC system can prevent hassle later. Our professionals can make sure your system is prepared to handle your needs reliably this fall.


When you are ready to schedule your HVAC maintenance visit, contact our team of professionals at Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Company. We care about keeping your family cozy all season long!

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